Leontin looks for support: ‘I’m not very happy’

Leontine Borsato zoekt steun

Things don’t seem to be going well for Leontine. She feels less cheerful and therefore is looking for support on Instagram.

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The scandal surrounding Marco Borsato will undoubtedly have a huge impact on Leonten. She previously said through her management that she and her children are “extremely touched and upset” by the situation.

Search in full swing

Furthermore, Leontine has not released anything regarding the allegations against Marco. This will not happen at the moment, because the investigation is still in full swing. “Everything you say can be interpreted and interpreted twice,” management told RTL Boulevard.

Leontine “less cheerful”

After that, Leontine took a break from social media, but now she is active on Instagram again. Although she posts quite a few messages herself, she gives some hints by liking certain messages. For example, today Katya Schurmann published a letter in which she wants to put a heart to others.

Feeling very nice today! If you’re feeling less euphoric, I hope my fervent energy reaches your heart through the ether,” Katya writes. I love Leontin’s post. Is she hinting it’s not working well?

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