WhatsApp puts a front end against fake news around the world

WhatsApp puts a front end against fake news around the world

WhatsApp had a three-year forwarding limit in Brazil to combat fake news and this feature will soon be rolled out worldwide, according to reports. WABetaInfo† This site is reviewing the latest beta versions of WhatsApp and looking for new features: The forwarding limit is one of these new features.

The limit will probably work as in Brazil. There, users can freely forward their private messages as much as they want. But messages that are already forwarded can only be sent to one chat at a time after that.

It also looks at how many times the message has already been forwarded: a message that has been forwarded only once can be forwarded to a maximum of five others, if the message has already been forwarded multiple times, it can only be forwarded once.

New Community Chat Groups

WhatsApp would also like to introduce its own Communities feature soon. This gives chat groups their own place and more functionality for administrators. The functionality appears to be mainly targeting organizations that currently have multiple WhatsApp groups, such as groups from a school or sports club.

Communities will have their own button instead of the camera button next to the normal chat button. Administrators can more easily send notifications to all members or only subgroups: only certain football teams, for example.

It is not yet known when the features will be available to everyone, but now that it is in the beta version of WhatsApp, it usually takes a few weeks to months for everyone to get the features.

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