Lawyer for boy who crashed in Florida theme park: ‘He refused his weight multiple times’ outside

Lawyer for boy who crashed in Florida theme park: 'He refused his weight multiple times' outside

The boy who was last Thursday in an amusement park in Florida He fell from gravity and died He was rejected multiple times at attractions on the same day because of his weight. His lawyers say this in an interview with local news channel Fox35.

Tyre Sampson, 14, weighed 156 kilograms and was 1.95 meters tall. So he could have been denied access to most attractions during his day at ICON Park in Orlando, Florida. However, the staff of the 131-meter Orlando Free Fall let him pass, after which things went wrong. The boy fell from gravity while riding into the “world’s tallest free-standing drop tower” and landed on the ground with a powerful blow. Later he died of his injuries. The investigation has not yet determined whether his weight was actually linked to the accident.

Sampson’s parents want to investigate whether the boy should be in cuteness at all. “He would have taken it anyway if they had told him, respectfully, that he couldn’t continue the attraction,” said attorney Bob Hilliard. Fox 35†, this is their responsibility, because he cannot know himself. If they say he’s safe, you trust him.” Hilliard, with attorney Ben Crump, wants to know what caused the accident.


If I don’t survive, tell mom and dad I love them

Pictures of Sampson, according to his father

in panic

There are many questions about the accident. For example, Sampson’s father, who would have been downstairs at an attraction with the mother, participated in an interview with Fox 35 That his son would have panicked when going up the ride. “He told his friend sitting next to him, ‘If I don’t make it, tell Mom and Dad I love them.'”

Orange County, Orlando Police Department is investigating the case. In a statement, ICON Park announced that it is temporarily closing the attraction and that they are “doing everything within their power to assist the investigation.” Other attractions in the park are still open.

Missouri-born Tyr Sampson, who was described by his attorney as “a kind, caring kid,” was at Aykon Park with the NFL team. American football was also his passion; His dream was to one day become a professional player. Part of his team was with him riding when the accident happened.

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