Are US and NATO fears about Russian chemical weapons justified?

Are US and NATO fears about Russian chemical weapons justified?

According to Jean Pascal Zanders, the production and subsequent use of chemical weapons requires professional knowledge: “I think Russia has forgotten that ability. I know nothing about Russian drills with such weapons or testing missiles with chemical weapons, for example. Headlines from the 90s.”

If you want to use chemical weapons on a battlefield, you have to do it the right way, Janders explains: “It depends on the local weather, for which you can read the complex tables. What I see. The condition of Russians with conventional weapons, I am afraid they will use chemical weapons.”

It is very difficult to use chemical or biological weapons effectively, Frank agrees. Biological weapons, for example, dangerous viruses or bacteria are shot at civilian targets that are poorly targeted. The particles must be processed into aerosols, which can then be thrown in all directions. Frank: “Then you have a chance to attack your own people or troops.”

Chlorine gas from the helicopter

There are also resources that do not require specialized production sites or weapons. Such as chlorine gas used in industry. Janders: “In Syria The oil was put in drums and thrown from helicopters. Gravity does other work. “

If Russia already uses chemical weapons, for example, chlorine gas is a more realistic option than mustard gas or sarin. But you have to ask yourself why Russia wants to use chemical or biological weapons, says Frank. With this you can not achieve military goals: “Soldiers can protect themselves with alternative medicine such as clothes and atropine. But you can use it against civilians.”

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