Lamme Frans makes 700 copies of Fijnfisjenie!: Every place has its own song

Lamme Frans makes 700 copies of Fijnfisjenie!: Every place has its own song

He’s been in the studio continuously for four months, but now every place in Brabant has its own version of Fijnfisjenie!. Lamme Frans has made 700 copies of his latest songs, which are also used in the carnival programming of Omroep Brabant. The first version was delivered on Friday afternoon at Overloon.

This happened during the annual ceremony “In front of the church in the square”. Under the supervision of 3,000 carnival revelers, the royal couple received their copy from De Huibuuke.

“When I released the song last year, I came home and thought: It would be great if everyone had their own Fijnfisjenie,” explains Lamy France. Which is why the plan was already taken into account while filming the video last year. In the clip, in which Frans magically ends up choreographing with himself, an additional France suddenly wanders into the photo with the name sign of the place in question. Hundreds of copies have their own video.

Our correspondent noted that the name of the carnival is missing in the copy of Heeswijk-Dinther. “Snevelbokland?” Lamy France says. “That name is too long. It didn’t fit, which is why I say Heeswijk-Dinther. Make this name shorter.”

During this site Anyone can get, view and download their own copy for free. All 317 villages and towns are represented not only in Brabant: all the carnival venues outside are also well equipped.

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