Kyle Schwarber completes wild double play at Red Sox Rangers

Kyle Schwarber completes wild double play at Red Sox Rangers

Nothing like a 1-2-5-7 double to welcome Kyle Schwarber to the Boston Red Sox.

Schwarber made his Red Sox debut on Monday, starting on the left field against the Texas Rangers at Fenway Park after playing the designated hitter in his first six games with Boston.

This debut took an eventful turn in the fifth inning when Rangers’ Yoni Hernandez tried to play pressure with the runners at first and third base and one out. Here’s what happened next:

To sum up: Third base captain Rafael Devers flagged Nick Solak on the third base line, then ran across the field toward Hernandez, who was stranded between first and second base with Jose Trevino standing second.

Devers chased Hernandez toward second base, as Schwarber, who came from left field to cover second, applied the mark to the outside end of the run.

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according to Alex Speer of The Boston Globe, Schwarber’s mark on Hernandez was the first player to break into his career, save for his 26 appearances as a striker with the Chicago Cubs.

The play helped thwart the Rangers’ career and keep the Red Sox ahead, as Davers showed a keen awareness of the play. But it was also encouraging to see Schwarber step in and look no worse for the wear after returning from a hamstring strain earlier this month.

Schwarzenburg Practice representatives took the first base While he’s rehab, so his MLB deal deadline acquisition in the Red Sox could engage more double plays in the future.

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