Google Maps finally gets the feature drivers dream about

Google Maps finally gets the feature drivers dream about

It is possible that the popular Google Maps application will soon be able to show you how much fee you have to pay. This information is then presented above the tracks that you can choose Inside the app. There are no toll roads in the Netherlands, but in neighboring countries like France you do.

Google is constantly making minor and major changes to apps like Google Maps. Not all plugins are equally useful everywhere. But if something is added, the beta testers will logically notice it first. And so it is now too: this time it matters de update Road toll rates.

Google Maps Show Fee Fee

BETA members received a message about it. So the next big update will show additional information about toll roads in the area. This information is then presented about the route you can take, so that you can see in advance how much money the road, bridge or site will cost.

Google Maps site
Google Maps (Image: Google)

So in the future, you can decide which path to take on the basis of additional information. You can then select that based on time, distance, or route price. If you are already driving on a toll road, you will already see it. But then you don’t see in advance the cost of the route in question. Until this information will be added through the next update.

Feature inherited from Waze

When the update appears, Google has again moved functionality from the Waze Maps app. This is the app that was acquired in 2013. Since then, the search engine giant has been populating its first map app with Waze features. Three years ago, the app already showed an estimate of how much you might pay on a toll road.

Google Maps for iOS finally gets a much needed feature

when Occupation It officially arrives on Google Maps, and has yet to be announced.

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Google Maps finally gets the feature drivers dream about

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