Family: Belgian bullet at Kabul airport | Abroad

Family: Belgian bullet at Kabul airport |  Abroad

The man’s cousin told the Belgian newspaper that Hotak Jahanshir, a Belgian from Antwerp, was shot at Kabul airport on Friday. latest news. The footage shows the injured man being treated in hospital.

Belgian shot Friday, on the first day of the Belgian ‘Red Kite’ evacuation, stood around 2:40 p.m. amid huge crowds trying to escape from Afghanistan. He was accompanied by his brother Charbaz, who does not hold Belgian citizenship.

The North Gate is mainly controlled by US Army personnel. They ordered the people to sit in front of the barbed wire. When a Belgian soldier asked if there were Belgians present, and Hotak responded, an American soldier shot him, his cousin said. It was not confirmed whether a US soldier was actually involved in the incident.

bleeding hole

Morning I received video footage of Hotak’s care at the hospital. According to the doctors, he was hit by a plastic or rubber bullet. He has a bleeding hole in his chin and a broken jaw. Meanwhile, the man is recovering from his injuries with his family in Kabul.

Morning The photographs have been handed over, with the family’s permission, to the Belgian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. In the meantime, the ministry said it had conveyed the story and photos to the relevant departments in the Pakistani capital, Islamabad, among others, “but we have not received any item for confirmation so far,” a spokesperson for Water Wales said. “The investigation is underway.”

Picture for clarification. People are trying to reach Kabul airport. © Environmental Protection Agency

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