Koch and Romain go to court again because of Jiskefet’s book | stars

Koch and Romain go to court again because of Jiskefet's book |  stars

They want to prevent this with a label on the cover that says there is absolutely no connection between the writers and the makers of Jiskefet. If the publisher does not comply with this, a fine of 10,000 euros will be imposed on their heads. Notify the publisher’s lawyer ANNP.

Koch and Romijn, who caused a stir between 1990 and 2005 with the frivolous VPRO Jiskefet, invoked the trademark rights in the new summary proceedings. Jiskefet was also registered as a trademark two years ago, including book publishing. They now claim that the encyclopedia, which already states on the back cover that the book is unauthorized, must explicitly state that it was not created with their collaboration.

A lawyer for the book’s publisher says Koch and Romijn’s claims are complex. “This is a violation of freedom of expression and freedom of expression,” said attorney Brigitte Spiegler. “It cannot be the case with invoking trademark rights that you can prevent others from writing about something. That means that a book on Coca Cola with the name of the soft drink in the title would not be possible either.”


Their lawyer, Ono Hennis, when asked, said the TV makers would prefer to avoid publishing the entire encyclopedia. “Especially because of the way this book came about. They were not involved in the process and were not given access.” Therefore, Koch and Romain are considering initiating proceedings on the merits after the summary proceedings. In doing so, the duo want a ruling in principle by a judge whether the creation and content of the encyclopedia is against the law. According to the masters, for example, their image rights are used without permission and there may be other violations of Jiskefet’s intellectual property. “Giskvit won’t let her go,” Hennis said.

According to the publisher’s attorney, the summary measures demands “have nothing to do with reality,” and Koch and Romain are primarily looking for generous compensation. According to Spiegler, the fact that the other party also plans to initiate proceedings on the merits “is only intended to destroy the publishing house.”

The summary proceedings, scheduled for Monday, are a continuation of the summary proceedings about two weeks ago when the duo requested access to the book through court. Previously, the Nieuw-Vennep publishing house Noblesse did not want to give this away despite repeated requests. Only under the pressure of summary procedures did the publisher make a number of copies available for examination, according to Koch and Rommen’s attorneys.

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