“Airlines to the regulator to increase port prices”

"Airlines to the regulator to increase port prices"

A group of airlines are approaching the supervisory authority of the Dutch Consumer and Markets Authority (ACM) due to an increase in Port Schiphol fees. to write fed. Barin, the organization that represents KLM and dozens of other airlines, is disappointed that prices will rise 37 percent within three years.

The tariff decision was announced yesterday. The increase will be gradual between 2022 and 2025. Airlines pay port fees for take-off and landing at the airport.

“It’s a much stronger rate increase than you see elsewhere in Europe. This is bad for the competitive position of the Netherlands,” Baaren Chairman Marnix Frutema told FD. The newspaper wrote that Barren found an increase of 5% per year reasonable.

42 percent

Schiphol previously wanted to implement a gradual increase of 42 percent, but the company decided not to after consulting with the airlines. According to Schiphol, the increase is necessary due to the Corona crisis. The company expects to lose a total of 1.6 billion in revenue in 2020 and 2021 due to the pandemic.

“With the new rates, we will split the burden and reduce foregone income settlement for the next three years,” says Robert Carso, Schiphol Group Chief Financial Officer.

Airline KLM is not satisfied with the plans. “The airport conveys the risks of the Covid-19 virus to the users,” he says. KLM. The company described the proposed interest rate increases as “disproportionate and unwise”.

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