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T-Mobile is currently the only telecom company in the Netherlands that offers services Apple Watch series 7 Cellular supports. To provide the watch with a call, T-Mobile Multisim advanced. What are the advantages of the Multisim application and who is this application intended for?

After Germany, Belgium and Hungary, among other countries, Apple Watch Cellular will soon be available in the Netherlands. Apple Watch series 7 Cellular will be available in combination with a multi-SIM subscription in our country from November 5th, and can be pre-ordered already. Other countries have already preceded us and the Dutch entry has been very difficult. Jan Berhagen, Senior Product Manager at T-Mobile, is clearly happy to announce and showcase the Apple Watch 7 Cellular series with T-Mobile Multisim: “I think we’ve been working on this for about a year and a half. Of course we do it with Apple and they leave nothing to chance. The development and testing – Apple also tested it – took some time. But we are proud that we can now offer the Apple Watch 7 Cellular with T-Mobile Multisim to Dutch Apple fans!”

How does Multisim work?

Multisim is a subscription model that allows users to link the 4G version of the Apple Watch to an iPhone subscription. For example, a smartwatch and a phone share the same phone number. In other words; Subscription and phone number are linked to two (e) SIMs, so iPhone and Apple Watch Cellular share the phone number and subscription. The cost of a Multisim subscription is five euros in addition to the existing subscription. The phone and the smartwatch share the amount of data, call minutes, and text messages within the subscription form. “To clear up a major misunderstanding, Multisim is not the same as Duosim,” Pierhagen explains. “By this principle, you got a copy of your SIM card for a second phone and you had to wait to see which phone rang first. It was like some kind of Russian roulette where it was impossible to predict which device would connect to the network first.” This is not the case with Multisim. A call arrives on both devices at the same time until it is answered on one of the devices. The data is supposed to be used on both devices at the same time. So you can, so to speak, watch a series on your iPhone while replying to messages on your Apple Watch.

However, the main idea behind Multisim is that the user can leave their smartphone – in this case the iPhone – at home to go out with only the Apple Watch Cellular, but it can still be accessed. Pierhagen: “You can continue to make or receive calls, send and receive messages, track emails, control your smart home remotely if desired, or monitor your health by tracking your athletic performance.”

Multisim also works on older cellular Apple Watches

Users who wish to be eligible for Apple Watch Cellular with T-Mobile Multisim must have an iPhone SE generation or iPhone 6s or later with iOS 15.1. The app is not only applicable to the latest Apple Watch, Series 7. Users can use Multisim with all cellular Apple Watches (identifiable by the red ring on the rotating knob or the red dot on the rotating knob). This also applies to older models that were not sold by T-Mobile, but were acquired by someone, for example, via Marktplaats.

T-Mobile will mainly offer the most popular models in its physical stores. The scope is more comprehensive online.

If people want to buy the latest Apple Watch Series 7 Cellular in combination with a Multisim subscription, here are some of the specs. The latest model features the largest display ever, an always-on Retina display that’s 70 percent brighter, and the new version loads much faster than its predecessors.

Music of the future: Android smartwatches and other devices?

An amazing detail that should not be mentioned is that in addition to Multisim with a smartphone and cellular Apple Watch, you as a user can link up to four devices with your Multisim subscription. This means that T-Mobile may also operate flights to, say, tablets/iPads. T-Mobile also does not rule out Multisim for future Android smartwatches. The T-Mobile website explicitly states that “Multisim is currently exclusive to the Apple Watch. Maybe also to other brands in the future. Once we tell you more about it, you’ll find it on our website.” Does this sound encouraging? “If we have something to report on, you’ll hear it right away,” Berhagen laughs.

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