Kiss thought John de Bevere wouldn’t go very far in Expedition Robinson

Kees en John met Marianne Weber (foto: ANP/Novum/Frans van Zijst).
Case and John with Marianne Weber (Photo: ANP/Novum/Frans van Zijst).
Case and John with Marianne Weber (Photo: ANP/Novum/Frans van Zijst).

John de Bever is proud to be involved in Expedition Robinson. The Berlicum singer can be seen on RTL’s survival show from next week, although he won’t be admired for long. His wife Kiss already thought it wouldn’t last long and wasn’t far off.

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John de Bevere spoke with his wife, Case Stevens, about participating in the popular show. He said: This is not for you, you will be home in one day. I can say, he guessed it almost correctly. It was a little longer,” De Beaver said with a laugh on Omroep Brabant’s radio show Jart and late.

He says he hasn’t been on the show in over a week. But if De Bever really leaves the island after a week, there will still be a lot of episodes of the survival show.

However, De Bever is happy to share it. “I think a lot of people think it’s cool, including me. I’m really glad I got involved, because I tried it. I’ve been to all kinds of countries in the world and I have a platinum record for ‘laughing’. But I’m really proud to be a part of this.”

“It was freezing cold and there was a pebbly beach, it was really rough.”

The smile was not always visible on his face during Robinson’s campaign. “I didn’t expect it to be this difficult.” Asked a year and a half ago. While Kiss thought he would see him at home a day later, the singer dreamed of coconuts, bananas, beautiful white beaches, and a clear blue sea. “But there is none of that in Croatia. It was too cold and there was a pebbly beach. It was very difficult.”

Unfortunately for De Bever, Expedition Robinson was not at the fixed location in the Philippines this year, but in Croatia. Although it is also now known that it is not always easy on the Asian islands. “It’s not a single island, as you might think when you watch the show on TV. Sometimes it takes six or seven hours to get to the island council. When you see what kind of organization is behind the show, I’m amazed.”

“When I started singing, they don’t like me anymore, but I can’t help it either.”

Although it was a short adventure, De Bever enjoyed sharing it. He didn’t care that cameras were constantly circling him on an island. “There are people who change when they see the camera. It doesn’t bother me too much. I always act the way I am. You’re on an island with eight or nine people. There’s no one else. You have to enjoy yourself. I love everyone. When I started singing, they don’t like me anymore.” But I can’t help it either.”

He talks excitedly about Expedition Robinson. “I’m really looking forward to watching it, although I may not dare to go out when it airs…”

How long does De Bever really stay in Croatia? Therefore, you should watch RTL4 every Sunday at 8am and every Thursday at 8:30 as of August 29th.

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