The event industry wants to act: ‘If it’s not safe now, then it’

The event industry wants to act: 'If it's not safe now, then it'

According to Unmute Us, the government is acting out of fear after the Delta version exploded among young people celebrating in June. It later turned out that advice from the outbreak management team (OMT) and Fieldlab about the safe organization of events had been ignored. More young people have now been vaccinated and there is more clarity on when to apply the vaccines.

“One of the reasons this went wrong in June is that the relaxation came too early,” says Ten Bosch. “Young people between the ages of 15 and 35 were not vaccinated at that time. If they had waited three weeks, we would have had higher vaccination coverage in that target group and lower infection rates. So far, there is still a significant spread of the virus, so it is difficult to determine whether It was safe.”

Low infection rates

Field lab events have shown that events and festivals can take place safely even with a low vaccination rate. “You get tested at an event, we clear the infection. These studies have been pooled with the government. We don’t understand why they are being ignored now,” Gossen said in a statement. Radio NOS 1 News.

Belgium allows events with 75,000 visitors based on the results of Dutch field laboratories. Recent numbers from abroad indicate that major festivals and events can take place safely, Gossen says. There, infection rates were very low, ranging from zero to half a percent. For example, during Serbia’s 2021 exit with 180,000 visitors, there was only one injury.

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Could it be equally safe at Dutch festivals? “Festival goers mingle with a lot of other visitors. There is a chance of people getting infected. Even if the test was done at the entrance, it wouldn’t be 100 percent effective. The higher the infection rates, the higher the chance of that,” says Ten Bosch. The virus and having a lot of contacts during the event poses a higher risk of infection with a super popular eventThat’s why people should be prevented from getting too close to each other, she says, “it’s a logistical challenge.”

“Minister Jung said very clearly that nothing will change. We can’t follow that logic. Our impression is that sometimes he follows OMT’s advice and sometimes he doesn’t,” Goossens said. If the minister sticks to the strict rules, the industry wants to “take steps”. What these are not yet known.

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