Kim Finstra: “Self-reflection does not suit anyone, and this applies to women too” | stars

Kim Finstra: “Self-reflection does not suit anyone, and this applies to women too” |  stars

In the context of FHM500, the list of ‘Most Beautiful Women in Holland’, the 36-year-old model was roped in for a glamorous photo shoot in a men’s magazine. She says even if she has it FHMUnexpected.” “Maybe I’ll be in a different role because I’m a mom now, but I’m glad I still matter. I feel good about shooting provocatively. I made my decision to always be J.Lo. I go to my sexy coffin regardless of my age.”

Kim, who gave birth to son Brooklyn in October 2020 with boyfriend Stanley Taylor, found a list of five hundred women with “no meat check.” “If we can celebrate women on Instagram, why not do it on a list? Are there also beauty pageants? I’ve been a model since I was 19. There they will cast you just based on your looks. You could say casting like this is Meat inspection process.

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The model herself says that she sometimes had to deal with infringing behaviour. “That the photographer said things I thought weren’t true. But I’m standing on my floor. I can be quite a street. I say something about it and then leave. I’ve been through a lot in my life, you’ve been shaped and strengthened by it. I’m not that easily impressed.” I always trust my intuition and always do only what I want.”

Kim, who also works as a photographer, thinks men have the idea that they have to walk on eggshells. “That they have to watch what they say. Maybe that’s how they learn to look at certain situations differently. I think it’s only right for men to scrutinize their communication and manners. A little self-reflection doesn’t spoil, and the same goes for women. In this way, they can Creating a healthier balance between men and women, which leads to more respect.”

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