January 27, 2023

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Kicks at Schiphol outside the stadium |  Financial issues

Kicks at Schiphol outside the stadium | Financial issues

The parties announced this on Tuesday. Now that an agreement has been reached, “we have no reason to protest,” says FNV negotiator, Joost van Doesburg. He says he is “very pleased” with what is in the agreement.

FNV wanted better working conditions for its employees and a reduced workload. This would also make it more attractive to people who come and work at Schiphol as a security guard or baggage handler.

The union had previously imposed a deadline on Schiphol. If no agreement is reached before June 1, strikes will follow.


Schiphol is looking for solutions due to the high volume of traffic at the airport, which leads to long waiting times for passengers. The reason for the congestion is the lack of staff and because many people want to go on holiday now that Corona restrictions have been lifted in most countries.

Schiphol actually came up with a plan of action last week to finish the summer well. For example, Schiphol wants to hire more security personnel, make working conditions more attractive for employees and improve the flow of passengers in the building.

This pertains, for example, to coaches who help people with security faster and better information provision.

The airport is also trying to strike agreements with airlines about reducing and rescheduling flights.

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