Efteling is 70, and Dora (92) has been here since opening

Efteling is 70, and Dora (92) has been here since opening

Waltman has been a part of Jubilee Amusement Park’s history: he’s worked there for 24 years. In 1985 he started as a department manager at Fata Morgana. In 1994 he moved to the Department of Decoration and Design.

He made sure not to throw anything away. In the park, in Anton Beckblin, is the Eftling Museum, where baby Hole Paul Giggs can be seen full of holes: “It was so damaged that we can no longer repair it. We found it to be heritage, so don’t go to sale, that’s not allowed either. All Something stays here in the garden, in the props warehouse.”

swan stick

24 years later, Waltman knows every corner of the theme park like the back of his hand. If you ask about his favorite attraction, he won’t take you to Python, Dream Flight, or Joris en de Draak. Anton Becpelin crosses into a magnet that most people pass by: the Xuan Cliff Ann.

“It gives me goosebumps,” Waltman says. “This is very made, very subtle. But with a lot of movement, because you see them walking too. They really are hats at the time, made in 1958. Efteling pearls, very beautiful.”

In the past 70 years, attractions have appeared, but also disappeared. At the beginning of this year, it was announced that haunted castle It should give way to a covered attraction. This new “themed area” should be ready in 2024.

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