Kenny Pickett of the Steelers, and two other obvious concussion protocols

Kenny Pickett of the Steelers, and two other obvious concussion protocols

Pittsburgh – Steelers Quarterback Kenny Beckett The team announced concussion protocol Friday morning and is set to start Sunday against the Miami Dolphins.

Pickett suffered a concussion with an injury in the third quarter of the Steelers’ 20-18 win over the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Coach Mike Tomlin said Beckett would start against the dolphins if he cleared protocol, and he wasn’t expecting a concussion to hamper his training this week.

“A lot of times, someone is in the protocol and they have full clearance in terms of full participation, so you let them participate,” Tomlin said Tuesday. “Sometimes it’s limiting, and it limits their participation. When it’s limited, it obviously provides additional opportunities for the actors to play for others.”

“He has been given full clearance from the participation point of view for his position.”

According to Tomlin, the rookie trained fully on Wednesday and Thursday, taking in all the regular first-team reps.

On his first start against the Bucs, Pickett completed 11 of 18 attempts for 67 yards, and led a touchdown campaign in the Steelers’ opening series. In Beckett’s absence, Mitch Trubeskywho started the first four games of the season before being substituted for Pickett in the first half of a Jets loss, completed 9 of 12 attempts for 144 yards and touchdowns.

back corner Levi Wallace and narrow end Pat Freermouth They have also been cleared of concussion protocol and are in line to play on Sunday after losing the win to the Bucs.

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