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Microsoft has released the PC Manager app in beta. The app is similar to CCleaner and offers all kinds of tools to clean up your Windows installation. There aren’t really any new features. The app puts links to all kinds of built-in Windows cleaning tools in one app.

The situation is rather amazing: PC Manager is available in English, but the site where it can be found,, in Chinese only. The app works on Windows 10 version 1809 and later.

The built-in tools are mainly intended to free up storage space and working memory. For the latter, come the known factors: caches, recycle bin, Windows Update temporary files and so on. The app can also make suggestions about Startup Apps to disable. There’s also integration with Defender Antivirus, according to a look inside Task Manager during a scan.

Microsoft is trying to allow users to switch to its Edge browser with the app. Those who haven’t set it as their default browser are being told it’s a “potential problem”. The app will also suggest that some apps don’t start at the same time with Windows, but those suggestions don’t include Microsoft apps.

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