Kawakami: The Warriors’ new deals Jordan Poole and Andrew Wiggins and what they mean for Draymond Green

The Athletic

The math is very simple: Jordan Paul‘s New four-year deal worth $123 million with the the Warriors 3 million dollars is only worth more than Tyler Herowith warranty Miami Heatbut enough escalation to notice.

Basically Herro-plus. Hiro recently and temporarily The market is set at $30 million per year For very talented and proven young guards in the playoffs who aren’t the best players on their teams but could be on their way there… and a few weeks later, Paul reset him with $30.75 million each. Both players have weight incentive clauses, but counting only the guaranteed parts, Poole over Herro is $3 million in total. Not too complicated, is it?

In fact, it’s quite complicated when Poole’s deal enters the greater realm of Warriors – everything that surrounds this decade is overflowing with dire consequences for the Warriors, coming at this time from the dynasty, given other contractual decisions due soon and only 10 days after Poole punches Draymond Green.

Paul’s deal – first reported by ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski on Saturday, with terms reported by The Athletic’s Anthony Slater – isn’t just a huge negotiating win for Paul and his agents.

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