Attention WhatsApp users! This Fake Copy Steals Your Data – Scammed?!

WhatsApp-gebruikers opgelet! Deze nepversie steelt jouw gegevens

A new fraudulent version of the popular messaging service WhatsApp is available. Under the name “YoWhatsApp”, the Android app sells itself as a better and more exclusive version of the regular version. However, all this is just an excuse: an unofficial variant can steal data from users. So do not install!

From Article from tech blog Bleepingcomputers It turned out to be specifically related to the v2.22.11.75 version number of YoWhatsApp. The fully functional Android app is not available in the Google Playstore, but it is available on other platforms. Kaspersky researchers I recently discovered the rogue version through ads from another app: Snaptube.

Send more icons and bigger files

YoWhatsApp is trying to win users over with features that real messaging service does not have. Think more icons, a customizable interface and send bigger files. Everything looks very good, but it is not.

Not a better app, but a malware

The application uses the same rights as the official WhatsApp. Once you use it, you give the creators permission to retrieve your data from the official WhatsApp. This way the app “works” on your device and can be accessed by your contacts. But there is a virus hidden in the source code of this version. Once you install this version of YoWhatsApp, you also install Trojan horse Triada on your device. And you really don’t want that there.

YoWhatsApp and WhatsApp Plus

Triada Trojan horse

Triada sends important access keys to the developer’s server. Without realizing it, they can then use these keys and perform actions. For example, malicious parties – such as hackers – can take over your account or share sensitive information. whether the app has already been misused, Don’t let Kaspersky know. However, Snaptube is now aware of the announcement of the rogue app.

Many unofficial apps in the market

Unfortunately, YoWhatsApp is not the only unofficial alternative to the popular messaging service. For example, there is currently “WhatsApp Plus” on the market. Earlier this month, Meta announced the makers of three more apps Already sued. Together they had stolen over a million accounts.

Prevent malware on your device

To be clear, not all unofficial variants contain malware. However, we advise you to be careful. Install only official applications via, for example, the Google Play Store. Do you receive questionable links through the “acquaintances”? Always check in person if he has already sent it.

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