Judiciary will use Microsoft Teams for online hearings – IT Pro – News

You don’t need a Microsoft account at all to use Teams [sic]. You can simply invite people as a guest.

Is there a privacy policy for guests? Here, of course, lies the chord. What data is processed from guests?

Considering that it is about the guests, one can do something like self-hosting Jitsi is dead to use. This can of course be something else that is self-hosted if there are more than 30-35 participants.

Of course, metadata about an individual’s online presence in court is already sensitive. Combine that with your other Teams stuff (calendar item/meeting titles, invitations sent through mail servers, etc.), and you get a pretty complete picture of who and what.

Indirect data that can be traced back to a person is also personal data. Guests from a Teams perspective aren’t anonymous, but they are. Nicknames are dangerous. For example, associate it with other accounts owned by Microsoft (which the guest may already be signed in to) via, say, an IP address or an app/browser session ID, and you already have a lot of information.

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