Jovnell Moyes: Dmitry Heard, Haiti’s presidential defense chief, traveled to Colombia and other countries several times before the assassination. The world

Colombian officials are assisting in the investigation into the assassination of the president , , Dmitry Heard, head of defense at the Presidential Palace in Port-au-Prince, confirmed this Monday that he had made several trips to Colombia and other Latin American countries this year, the motives of which are unknown.

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“We learned of the commissioner through the Interpol task force in Colombia Dmitry Heard, Head of the Public Security Division of the National Palace HaitiHas used Colombia as a mode of transport for Ecuador, Panama and the Dominican Republic. “Colombian Director General of Police George Louis Vargas told a news conference.

“They are trying to figure out what action the commissioner will take,” the official added Dmitry On these trips to the Colombian territory, 21 retired soldiers allegedly involved in the massacre are coming, which is why they asked “the countries where this person should answer this question.”

President Moyes was killed last Wednesday Martin Moyes, the first woman to receive medical treatment in the United States, was also injured in an attack on her home in the Bellar area of ​​Port-au-Prince.

Contacts at ECUADOR

According to General Vargas, All of Herat’s travels took place this year, The first of them was on January 19 from the Dominican Republic to Bogota, the next day he went to Ecuador.

On February 1, he made the same return voyage, making the same voyages between the Dominican Republic and Ecuador between May 22 and 29. Always with stops in BogotaThe official said while explaining some of those movements.

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General Vargas made it clear that the investigation was in the hands of Haitian authorities and that Colombia’s missions were working in tandem with it.

“The Haitian judiciary is investigating the assassination of the Haitian president. Colombia cooperates in what they need; The Haitian judiciary is independent and autonomous. “The official told a news conference attended by Defense Minister Diego Molano.

The director of police said the Colombian ex-military was dead and 18 were captured after the massacre, not two but three.

“By integrating with the Interpol office in Haiti, we have identified 21 Colombians, three of whom have died and this number has risen to one, with 18 captured for a total of 21”. He said.

Company in Miami

The trial has also been extended CTU Security Agency, Which is located in Miami (USA) because 19 air tickets were purchased with credit card from that company, along with retired Colombian soldiers traveling to the Dominican Republic.

According to the website CTU Security, The company is dedicated to the sale of safety equipment, providing security services to companies and schools, people and organizations ranging from private investigation and dog training.

“Here in Colombia we were able to establish some communication between Mr. German Rivera Garcia and Mr. Duberni Capador with the Miami-based CDU Security Company.”He explained.

German Riviera Garcia is a retired Colombian army chief who was detained by Haitian police, while Duberni Capador left the post of deputy first sergeant and was one of three killed in Haiti.

According to the criteria

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