Colombian James Gerson Mentivelso arrested on charges of recruiting mercenaries in Haiti

Colombian mercenaries in Haiti. Photo: (Colprenza Externos)

Jaime Gersen Mendivelso He was arrested along with two Haitian Americans who were allegedly involved in the assassination of the island’s head of state who was shot dead at his home on the night of July 7.

Haitian police confirm Mendiello’s arrest According to the El Heraldo newspaper, she worked as a nurse at the Cartagena Naval Hospital, A 42-year-old retired army officer, is said to have collaborated to recruit other mercenaries.

Haitian officials have vowed to keep the “thugs” in check and bring them to justice in response to their actions.

So far, 20 people have been arrested for allegedly taking part in the massacre. 18 of them are Colombians, two Haitians, three killed and five fleeing.

James Gersen Mendeleev will be mentioned in the WhatsApp chats of others who have been captured, and his role for that reason, if convicted, This would have been related to the coordination of a group of other mercenaries.

According to Semana, the military mentions “Mendivelso” in a WhatsApp group, only by his last name. A person located in the Dominican Republic and persons wishing to participate in this activity should be contacted.

So far, according to initial reports, These 26 Colombian ex-servicemen are thought to have been contacted by a WhatsApp group led by Colonel (R) Carlos Giovanni Guerrero, who was paid $ 2,700 a month for five months.

Apart from Gerson Mendeleev, the other captives were:

Vector Albro Pineta

Manuel Antonio Grosso

John Zyro Ramirez g

Alejandro Giraldo Sabada

Niger Franco Costacida

Angel Mario Yars Sierra

Carlos Giovanni Guerrero Torres

Francisco Eladio Eurip Ochoa

John Zyro Suarez Allegri

Enlbert Vargas Gomez

Two Colombians neutralized: Duberni Capador Giraldo and Mauricio Javier Romero Medina.

Another investigation into the assassination was carried out by the Haitian media. Dmitry Heard, President Moss’s defense chief, has ordered several departures from the country to stop in Bogot and move to Ecuador. According to Haitian officials, this is the first man to keep his eyes on the President, as it is not clear why he is being assassinated without injuring or injuring any person in the security plan.

According to airline records, Heard flew to Colombia on Aviyanka flight number 0209 and then took another course to Quito, where he stayed for two days, returning on May 29 on Aviyanka flight number 0208 to the Dominican Republic. The president’s defense chief’s tour took place on June 4, five days after the Colombian majority flew to Port-au-Prince via Punta Ghana.

In addition, the Le Noveliste newspaper pointed out that one of the judges had confirmed that two mercenaries had found work online and that the motive was to kidnap the president but not to kill him. In addition, they pretended to be DEA agents, and some mercenaries lived in the president’s house, a security breach that allowed the assassination.

With Colombian authorities cooperating with the investigation and expressing a desire to bring those responsible to justice; The President of the Dominican Republic, Louis Abinet, has called for greater support from the international community, according to the country’s Hoi An newspaper.

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