Joost Prinsen no longer wants to live with Nurali Baer

Joost Prinsen no longer wants to live with Nurali Baer

She has authored a book, gives lectures, and serves as moderator and chair for the day. She says, “I always have something to do.” Max Magazine. You were never afraid of falling into a hole after saying goodbye to NOS. “I am very energetic and curious about life for that,” says Nurali, who also has a busy social life.


I wasn’t talking about a relationship. That changed last year, when I fell in love with actor/writer Just Prinsen (80). Then Nurali was separated from Janos for 25 years, the father of her two children: son Miklos and daughter Noemi. (…) She never thought it would be a men’s hotel bar again, especially now that she’s over 70. But I myself am now living proof that it is still possible. This is the beauty of life. This love is always there. And it must be, because what is life without love?

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Nurali experiences the feeling of being loved and loved as she did in her younger years. “But since you’re older, you handle it differently, maybe it’s calmer. You go a little slower. For example, Nurali didn’t feel like moving in together, she thought the relationship with Jost had turned her life upside down including Enough.” “You have to take and take, give way, plan…”

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