February 9, 2023

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Bungie Schedules Destiny 2 Live Streaming August 23 – Games – News

I used to play Destiny1 in grey, I always promised that if there was a sequel it would at least make progress with you, well, that was a lie…the first broken promise) and it stopped.

But … I think the story is very cool (although it turns out very poorly in the game, you have to read it for yourself). And I wanted to know how much it is now, so I installed Destiny2 for the first time about 2 months ago and….

Can’t even start from the beginning? Everything has already been demolished. So I dropped it in the middle of the story, all dlc are available at the same time and no clear line what is the order now. On one mission, I collaborate with cayde-6, another mission that makes everyone sad, because apparently he died…. another mission, I see the cinema taking place, another mission, and he’s against it again to talk to her me.

The older DLC feels useless to play, it’s not for gear anyway, you can play the latest expansion for that better. But I want to play it for the sake of the story, but there is no thread to tie it in. Especially when there are so many references to the “Red War” that I haven’t been able to see for myself…

So it is definitely not newcomer friendly.

I watch some youtube videos of people who have taken the trouble to put everything in the right order, so I can follow the story a bit. The game is really a mess. what a shame.

Destiny is truly an example of missed opportunities, IMO.

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