JK Rowling can still be seen in Harry Potter meet despite criticism | show

JK Rowling can still be seen in Harry Potter meet despite criticism |  show

Harry Potter’s 20th anniversary will be celebrated in early January with a special, where the cast and crew will meet for the first time since 2011. J.K. Rowling, whose eight books are based, will also be in attendance. Until recently, it was said that she was not invited to the special. According to various media, the reason for her absence was the anti-transgender statements made by Rowling.

In late 2019, she came under fire when she criticized an article on social media containing a description of ‘people who menstruate’. She joked that there was a word for it after all, in reference to women. Critics blamed her for this, since transgender men can also menstruate. Different Harry PotterCast members, including Daniel Radcliffe and Emma Watson, have distanced themselves from her statements.

but according to independent Rowling will actually appear on the special. First, cast members including Bonnie Wright, Daniel Radcliffe and Robbie Coltrane will talk about how much the books mean to them, and then the writer herself will also come into her own, apparently. And the actors have kind words for her: “One of the reasons I admire her so much is that millions of people who have never held a book are now readers. Then you realize the power of writing.”

Harry Potter 20th Anniversary: ​​Back to Hogwarts It airs January 2 on HBO Max. This has not been launched in the Netherlands. It is not yet clear whether the reunion will be broadcast on another channel.

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