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Nintendo doesn’t compete directly with PS5/XSX (because the game power is weak and you have a completely different experience), so they can’t blame Nintendo. In addition, Nintendo does not buy expensive / large studios that have a large market share in terms of the number of players.

Lots of people buy a console to play CoD. Example: Since many more people have a PS4 than an XOX, people want to take their “old” games with them instead of buying a new system. So gamers are more likely to switch to the PS5 than to the XSX. (If there is no shortage of chips, some people will not buy XSX, which is slightly better in stock than PS5)

‘New’ players see that all their friends have a PS4/5, so they also buy a PS5 to play CoD.

But MS now has a plan to get around that. By being seriously stunted with GamePass, you now instantly have more games than you ever had before And Access to a lot of new games.

If you buy many different games (without PS exclusives) every year, you are actually a thief of your own wallet if you don’t go to an MS console.

CoD will only amplify this effect and so only people who choose PS exclusives will buy PS in the future.

There’s a reason CoD always gives more PS exclusives and rewards. This is to attract more players.

Ironically, a 13 in a dozen games like CoD are pretty important, but then again McDonald’s restaurants in the world don’t serve the best food out there either. However, millions of people eat there.

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MS gave them 10 years to come up with something better. Well, I honestly have no illusions that Sony can’t do that, but it only works if Sony makes the same game across platforms as well.

This is one of CoD’s strengths. This is why I personally believe that MS will continue to release games for PS, until the market share is in favor of MS.

Well, then we (console) gamers are the victim, because there is no longer a healthy (console) gaming market. I say all this while enjoying Gamepass for XSS and PC. It’s a dangerous precedent that MS is setting here.

I hope they have learned from their past and will not continue such vicious practices, but time will tell…

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