French protests and riots over pension plans: Here’s what’s happening | outside

French protests and riots over pension plans: Here's what's happening |  outside

Despite resistance, the government pushed through the plans two weeks in advance. It happened without the French parliament being able to vote on it. It caused even more frustration for many French people.

President Macron and Prime Minister Elisabeth Bourne feared that their pension plan would not continue to vote. Their coalition has lost a majority in parliament since the last election.

This is why they bypassed Parliament with Article 49.3 of the Constitution, also known as the “nuclear option.” It is not prohibited and has been used a hundred times before. But not for such a controversial topic.

The French opposition was furious and presented my motion of no confidence in the government. One of these two proposals almost arrived. The opposition lost by nine votes to pass the motion and overthrow the government.

The opponents still have the option of organizing a referendum. But according to French historian and expert Nick Bass, there is no time for that. “This must be done in several installments and cannot be achieved so quickly before the announcement of the new pension law.”

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There is also resistance from outside parliament. Trade unions organize strikes to protest the reforms. There have been ten nationwide strikes in the past two months. The most recent one was last Thursday, and there may be more to follow.

For example, the refinery workers went on strike. As a result, there are fears of a fuel shortage.

In the capital, Paris, waste piled up when the garbage collectors went on strike. Parisians saw the piles of waste grow; 10,000 tons of waste is already on the streets.

Ook veel jonge Fransen zijn het niet eens met de verhoging van de pensioenleeftijd.

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