Jane Stegel: Victoria Koblenko: Receipts are highly toxic

Jane Stegel: Victoria Koblenko: Receipts are highly toxic

Oh that’s good. Yesterday we laughed at the fact that the Muppets are on Rienzi’s talk show Herbalist Viktoria Koblenko for telling you that alcohol is bad, mkay, lady. Receipts are the new sunscreen that makes you all sterile, and frogs are gay. “You shouldn’t touch these receipts anyway, they are highly toxic. The ink on them is highly toxic.” Science journalist Renzi Klammer: “Hey?” Then Victoria:This is a completely different story. We’ll talk about the health effects of alcohol in a moment, but the health effects of the ink, which appears on those receipts, has also been shown to be very harmful for you.” Renzi (who took an interrogation course): “No, but how bad, just…” Victoria: “Really bad.” renze: “No but how bad it is, what do you get from that.” Victoria (laughs so hard): “Tomorrow you die.” For anyone who fears they will die tomorrow because they mixed 1,400 receipts with their cornflakes today: Mrs. Koblinko is probably referring to BPA. It was in the receipts. But not anymore Which is especially cool Harmful If you stick 27 daily receipts up your ass. You can do your own research after the break, the entire broadcast Herrier.

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