March 29, 2023

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Meilandjes on luxury attracts nearly 1.1 million viewers, despite criticism presents

Meilandjes on luxury attracts nearly 1.1 million viewers, despite criticism presents

Replace Meilandjes with Chateau help their luxury life in their own Villa Noordwijk for a simple rental house and social assistance benefits. Nearly 1.1 million people were curious about the latest adventures of the former lord of the castle and his family. With this, Martien and his followers are up to par with the final season of the reality show Chateau Mellandwhere they recorded an average of 1.5 million viewers on Monday and 1 million on Thursday.

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Watch here how Martien and Erica performed at the thrift store:

With nearly 1.1 million viewers, Meiland was the seventh most watched program of the day. He. She NOS news from 8pm. It was the most watched with over 2 million viewers. He. She Half of the past seven news From RTL 4 followed by 1.4 million viewers. radar It completed the top three with 1.3 million viewers.

Before that looked embarrassed On Chateau help† at Evening show with Arjen Lubach The floor was completely mopped a week ago. “Poverty isn’t just about buying less tasty chips, it’s also the fact that you can’t eat chips because of a toothache because you haven’t had the money for the dentist for years,” Lubach says of what he calls “pornographic poverty.” TV columnist Angela DeYoung on this site also wondered if the show was still possible, now that the zeitgeist has changed. “How do the victims of the suits view this?”

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On a talk show HLF8 On a Friday evening, the annoyance was palpable when social assistance student Hane Hovlink told the Meilandjes family what it was like to feel day in and day out about not being able to make ends meet. ‘I hope they learn something from him,’ Heuflink concluded.

The show appeared on Twitter for discussion: Chateau help It was a popular topic for hours. Opinions varied widely, from people who were upset by the entertainment content of a show denouncing poverty, to viewers who actually enjoyed it. ‘Don’t take this program too seriously folks. This is pure entertainment, for those who love Meilandjes. If you don’t like them (anymore), don’t you keep going?’, one wrote. Another: ‘We are not in luxury for fun.’ They don’t have the daily stress and stress of rising energy costs, groceries and unpaid bills. This does not contribute anything to the welfare problems.

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