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Apple released macOS Monterey and iPadOS 15.4. These updates enable Universal Control, where Mac and iPad users can control the tablet using the keyboard and mouse on their Mac laptop or desktop.

The feature works by dragging your mouse pointer to a nearby iPad that’s linked to the same iCloud account, Apple says. The devices must be connected within ten meters of each other and both devices must have Bluetooth, wifi, and Handoff for the device to work.

In addition to controlling the iPad using Mac accessories, it is also possible to drag and drop files from one screen to another, with the software ensuring that files are copied from one device to another. The functionality should allow seamless integration between both devices.

Universal Control, or Universal Control in Dutch, only works on Macs with Monterey. The oldest supported computer is the iMac from the end of 2015. In terms of MacBooks, the Pro from 2016 is the oldest supported model.

Monterey and iPadOS 15.4 were released Monday night, along with iOS 15.4, among others. This makes it Using Face ID with Mouth and Nose Masks possible. Since the mouth and nose mask is mandatory in fewer and fewer places in the Netherlands and Belgium, this job is likely to be suitable for fewer people than some time.

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