Jaimie Vaes has not filed a complaint against Lil Kleine

Jaimie Vaes has not filed a complaint against Lil Kleine

The rapper was arrested Sunday evening after an attack that was to take place on Prinsengracht in Amsterdam last Saturday. His lawyer said that his three nights of grumbling at the police station had a huge impact on him. Yorick is relieved he’s been released again – and there’s also no doubt there are no charges against him. According to the lawyer, there has been no contact between the rapper and Jimmy since the alleged incident.

Below you can see how Lil Klein got away from the stadium with noisy buildings.

The public prosecutor asked the court on Wednesday afternoon to detain the rapper for a longer period, pending investigation. Police announced this to RTL Boulevard on Tuesday evening. The investigating judge decided that Yurik could freely await the course of the investigation.

“He just came out. Rap ​​lawyer Ninky Hoggerforest told RTL Boulevard the coroner has decided to release him. “There are conditions, I won’t tell you anything about that yet. But he was released today, so that’s good news. He is comfortable.”

Last Sunday, Yvonne Coldeweiger shared security photos showing how Lil Klein is believed to be abusing his fiancée. The footage shows the rapper getting into a fight with his girlfriend and pulling her out of the car by her hair. This incident is said to have occurred at Prinsengracht in Amsterdam on Saturday.

Police announced Sunday evening that they had arrested a 27-year-old man in Stadhouderskade. Insiders close to the investigation reported to RTL Boulevard that it was Lil Klein.

Rob Goossens seems to know how Yvonne obtained the photos of the alleged abuse:

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