March 29, 2023

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Deelnemers aan El Hotel de Papel in de bankkluis

“Today it depends on you,” bank robbers at La Casa de Papel try to break into the safe of The Hague

Participants at El Hotel de Papel in the vault of the bank © Radio West

The Hague – Right across from the Noordeinde Palace in The Hague, visitors can attempt to steal the gold stash of Hotel Indigo, the former Dutch bank. At least, that’s what it should look like. The hotel has been partially converted into the location of the popular Netflix series La Casa de Papel. In the former bank building, participants step directly into the world of the series. Netflix is ​​organizing this to enter the fifth season of the series.

Fans of the Netflix series can take part in the whole experience this weekend. At El Hotel de Papel, where Hotel Indigo is called for the occasion, participants walk through many of the iconic scenes from the series. And it’s all about one thing: getting the loot.

The tension among the group of participants in the lobby is expressed by an unrelenting silence. A daughter with her mother, a couple from North Brabant and some friends won the experience of La Casa de Papel by sending a photo or writing a good motivation showing that you are a big fan of the series. The Brabant couple sent a photo of the carnival carnival La Casa de Papel.

Bank robbers looking stern

The door opens and they are met by stern-looking bank robbers in red suits, who explain that the team is weak and they need new members of the gang. “Today it depends on you,” the actress says in a lousy tone. Participants will also wear red suits and the signature La Casa de Papel mask.

A woman whispers through the little holes in the mask, finding it a little sexy. The group follows the trails and ends up in a kind of atmospheric bar. Portraits of the heroes of La Casa de Papel hang on the wall above the door of the massive vault, the original vault of the former Nederlandsche Bank. With a small snack, a drink and a Spanish song from the series, the group of participants dances a little shyly with the boisterous actress who then gives them the song “Vamos!” Aloud. Through a hole in the wall.

Run for your life in the bank vault as a bank robber La Casa de Papel

Run for your life in the bank vault

Suddenly they were in a room with bundles of banknotes. A very thick circular cellar door that opens. A macho man shows you how to escape from the safe with his laser beams. One by one, wannabe bank robbers try to crawl over and under the lasers.

But they all hit one. Alarms go off and a bearded man screams to run away. Two huge stone steps, an officer is waiting on top. He directs them to the wall, where Polaroids are made. “We tried to steal the gold, but the whole team did not succeed,” laughs one of the participants after the experiment. “After that we had to run for our lives. But we received a gold coin from La Casa de Papel, the young man shows.

Season 5 can be seen

The experience is related to the La Casa de Papel series where a group of thieves attempt to rob both the Spanish mint and the Spanish Central Bank. This is led by mastermind Prof. The group got off to a fast start, but plenty of bumps awaited them, not least from the group of hostages and the police chasing after them. The fifth and final season of the series is now available on Netflix.

To win experience tickets, you can still register on and send a stimulus and possibly a photo or video.

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