It’s still public at 3 Uurkes Vurraf, but less than usual

Het wordt weer een onvervalst feestje. (Archieffoto: Twan Spierts)

The Bullet in the Church: 3 Uurkes Vurraf will continue this year, with an audience. But there are fewer people at the start of the carnival as dozens of performers perform. “This year we chose a modest and pure party in Eindhoven. A small club can attend from one hundred to two hundred people,” says Arthur Maris, Head of Events at Omroep Brabant.

“We’re not going to the traditional 3-hour alternative with 3,000 people in a big tent and platform,” Arthur says. “Unfortunately, this is just a step too far due to many cases of corona. But we are very happy that we can launch the carnival without deception. The best of both worlds.

In fact, everyone assumed 3 Uurkes Vurraf would be lifted in a digital jacket with a home audience, just like last year. “That audience is still there,” Arthur says. “They turn their living room into a cozy bar and it looks like a cheerful one Bixki for broadcast. Four houses can be seen behind the stage through a 15-meter LED wall.

“The reaction to following the carnival scene digitally is tremendous,” Arthur says. “We’ve had 3,000 registrations. Some of the lucky ones could really be there and we’re awarding those tickets via radio, TV and the internet. We’re currently counting how many revelers there could be.”

The artists are also happy to be able to perform in front of an audience again. “It is of course difficult to stand in front of a naked hall as a carnival artist, when you are usually greeted by a frenzied crowd in a steamy marquee.”

For a long time it was very uncertain: will 3 hours be done or not? “It was an entertaining game,” recalls the event director. “On November 11 we decided to party in a tent at Stadhuisplein in Eindhoven, and three days later the omikron variant appeared, again putting everything into question. In December, the number of casualties rose and we shot again. Close. Then. We thought: This will never happen.”

“And when we finally heard that it might go ahead, it was very exciting to be able to arrange everything in time for such a large-scale event.”

The party can go on after all really touches Arthur. “It’s the most beautiful day of the year for me. 3 hours are so indescribably so much fun. I wake up in the morning in a cheerful mood, get dressed and play loud carnival music in the car on my way to Eindhoven, during which I visited with all my heart. The smile could not be on My face is bigger.”

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