Contestant Wilfred Jenny misses the live broadcast of the radio episode after the “shameless campaign” | Displays

Contestant Wilfred Jenny misses the live broadcast of the radio episode after the "shameless campaign" |  Displays

Wilfred Jenny partially attends Thursday night’s Golden Radio episode show, but misses the highlight moment due to recordings Today inside. Jenny was nominated twice and, in his words, “campaigned shamelessly” for the radio award.

The radio and TV presenter will only attend the beginning of the ceremony, but will leave very quickly due to his daily talk show on SBS 6. Jenny has been nominated for his BNR radio show. Friday movement In the “Best Presenter” and “Best Program” categories. The last category is the most important award and is awarded last.

Jenny stands up to it Q Afternoon Show With Domen Verschueren (Qmusic), Morning Show 538 (Radio 538), Start Jan Willem! (Radio NPO 2/BnnVara) and Kinkstart (network). The Golden Radio Ring is AvroTros’ annual audience award.

New TV shows

Genee will be present during the broadcast Today inside Follow the results on his mobile phone. He desperately hopes for recognition for his radio show Friday movement Which he has been making for fifteen years. The broadcaster said in an interview with this website: In addition to his current work, he also has new TV ambitions. He’s currently talking with Talpa about his podcast surgeon Which he would also like to appear on TV. This is an interview program with famous Dutch people such as Nick Schilder, Mark De Honde and Ulkay Jolsen about dark moments.

Another idea I’ve been thinking about for some time is: Real men don’t cry About men like me who find it difficult to show their feelings. Soon all you need is love When I watch TV, I always sit a little farther away from the TV. He said: “The last time I cried was two and a half years ago during my father’s funeral.”

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Jenny wants to continue for now Today inside. The current contract runs until August 2025. Whether the trio continues after that “is all about age, intensity and desire.” “We look at this on a daily basis and don’t let anyone guide us.”

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