“It is the absolute freedom to choose where you want to live every day.” | Women’s Magazine

“It is the absolute freedom to choose where you want to live every day.” |  Women's Magazine

left hands

“Seven years ago, I started itching to travel across all the countries of Europe. Alone: ​​I was a divorcee and a mother of two. The reactions I got were: How the hell am I going to do that? I didn’t know it myself either. I still had a personal training studio and a home rented and I had to work hard to feed the kids.However, I made a plan to be able to work independently on site.I just missed a helpful person, because I didn’t get that far with my left hand, haha.

DHL truck

Then Ronald ran into my path: a tech savvy, but above all my great love. He was just as excited as I was, and in a couple of months we had both bought an old DHL truck that Ronald single-handedly converted into a caravan – or Oliver, as we call the bus. Together we are a great team: I make it and Ronald makes it.

Thinking of solutions

Last year we traveled across Europe for eight months with my 13 year old son and our two big dogs. We traveled through Spain, Portugal, France, Austria and Slovenia, stopping wherever we wanted. Along the way I made my money as a coach. Nowadays, I create business concepts for people who also want to be site independent. My advice? Always think of solutions. So my son was able to go for eight months without any trouble with the school, because we canceled his enrollment for a year. He learned a lot in that year.


We don’t want anything else. It is the absolute freedom to choose every day where you want to live and where you want to live. You just take your home with you! We have enough dreams: we want to drive to China someday. Not that we are giving up a stone dwelling. We even bought a house in Valencia, the perfect base for many beautiful trips! “

About Liesbeth

1 This is me: a woman who took control of her life.

2 olives our charter bus at full speed, where you’d rather be, on an adventure.

3 visit to Verona; What a beautiful city!

4 Our TravelTeam: On the road with each other 24/7 for seven months now.

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