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Hitman 3 gets a new location: Ambrose Island. The downloadable content will be released on July 26th and is free for all players who own the game. The pirate themed site offers new stealth game play possibilities.

IO Interactive . says Ambrose Island is a “hidden bay” and “home to a dangerous group of pirates operating in the Andaman Sea”. The sandbox site is “fully explorable” and includes “new objectives, gameplay options, challenges, and unlockable rewards.” One such bonus is the Guerrilla Wetsuit, which can be seen in the trailer below.

It’s the first time the game has got an all-new map since it was released in January of last year. The Seven Deadly Sins DLC reuses existing maps from the franchise. In its July roadmap, the IOI also announced that the Himmapan Hotel in Bangkok is in rotation for free sites until July 17. On Friday, the Elusive Vicente Murillo goal was added, which will be available for ten days. Food critic Wen Tsai will also be added next Friday.

Previously, the game’s standalone single player mode was delayed Until the second half of 2022. This roguelike mode will come with new and customizable assassination missions safe home Where Agent 47 stores his equipment.

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