US wants to stop ASML exports to China

US Wants to Stop Exporting ASML Immersion Chip Machines to China In Washington, US Deputy Secretary of State for Trade Dan Graves reportedly requested this export ban during his visit to our country in May. It looks like the next installment in the strategic war for chips now underway between the US, Europe and China.

Bloomberg News reports that the US has asked ASML to stop selling its old deep ultraviolet lithography (DUV) systems to China. These machines are used to make chips used to manufacture cars, phones, computers and robots. A blockade would put Chinese manufacturers and thus the government under considerable pressure.

Past export restrictions

This is not the first time the US government has knocked on ASML’s door, making a request during a business trip to our country in May. Earlier, the export of new generation, advanced ultraviolet lithography systems (EUV) was banned. The export has been stopped because the Dutch government has not issued an export licence. It is not known whether the Dutch government will agree to extend China’s blacklist. Further expansion of trade barriers will strain our trade relations with China.

War on the Chips

U.S. demand for the Netherlands is further fueling strategic competition for chipmakers. China, Europe and the US are engaged in a fierce battle for dominance in chip technology. ASML is a major manufacturer of chip manufacturing machines. It is the largest manufacturer of lithography systems – machines that perform a critical step in the semiconductor manufacturing process.

He also approached

Another important player in the global chip industry is the Belgian iMac. Belgian business newspaper Time The company has also received a request from the US to minimize ties with China, according to reports on Thursday. US Commerce Undersecretary Dan Graves also reportedly approached the research firm in May.

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