March 29, 2023

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Israeli warplanes respond to attack by Hamas terrorist group

Israeli warplanes strike Hamas military base and rocket launch site

Israeli security forces (IDF) attack Hamas military base and rocket launch site. In response to the continuing fiery balloon launch from Gaza throughout the day.

The rocket launch site is located close to a public environmentA new example of how the Hamas group continues to pose a threat to the Palestinian public.

The IDF will continue to respond aggressively to terrorist attempts broadcast from the Gaza Strip.

The fire started

Spark balloons fired Friday from the Palestinian Gaza Strip caused four fires in Israel. According to a report by Israeli firefighters.

Israeli security forces have announced the location of the attack in Gaza
Israeli security forces have announced the location of the attack in Gaza

On July 25, The fire broke out when balloons were sent from Gaza several times in the past, with Israel launching airstrikes against Hamas organizations. The armed Islamic movement that governs the Palestinian territories.

According to Israeli firefighters, there were four fires in the Eshkol area near Gaza on Friday, and experts concluded that the source of the flames was “flaming balloons.”

Friday evening, Firefighters tried to control the fire.

Israel holds Hamas responsible for all operations under the 15-year Israeli siege from Gaza and the population of about 2 million people.

May 21 is the date on which the ceasefire, which ended the conflict between Hamas and Israel, took effect. There have been sporadic incidents such as balloon launches from Gaza and Israeli airstrikes in retaliation.

Israel strikes Gaza after firing more balloons (Photo: EFE)
Israel strikes Gaza after firing more balloons (Photo: EFE)

May 10 to 21, 260 Palestinians killed in Israeli offensive in GazaAccording to local officials, including militants.

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In Israel, 13 people, including a soldier, were killed when a rocket was fired from Gaza, police and the military said.

This Friday, the Israeli army launched an offensive against Lebanon in response to rockets fired from that neighboring country by the Lebanese Shia Hezbollah movement.

Israeli military strikes rockets in Lebanon“A military statement said shortly after they were fired 19 bombs In the direction of the Hebrew state, most of them were detained by Israeli forces. Of the 19, 10 were blocked by air defense, six hit open areas and three landed in Lebanon..

Four fires in Israel from fire balloons sent from Gaza
Four fires in Israel from fire balloons sent from Gaza

Hezbollah announced in a statement this Friday Launched rockets in the Golan Heights Occupied by Israel since 1967 “Response to Israeli airstrikes”.

We will not leave unresponsive to attacks on Israeli civiliansAfter posting a video about the timing of the shootings, the Israeli military added on Twitter that most of them had been blocked by air defense systems.

The Israeli army launched an airstrike on Thursday in the south of the neighboring country Two of the bomber struck shortly after noon in Israeli territory, killing at least three people.

(With information from AFP)