African swine flu spreads to three other provinces: Monte Plata, Espilot and San Pedro de McCormack

The official commission for the control and eradication of African swine flu has launched a contingency plan to control farm and backyard hatcheries, and announced that the measure will be extended to other provinces in the coming days.

This was stated by the Minister of Agriculture, Limber Cruz, who is the Chairman of the Commission Sources of the epidemic were found in three provinces, Monte Plata, Espilot and San Pedro de McCormack., According to the company report.

The commission issued its report on Monday The disease has been diagnosed in 11 provinces of the country. These include Sanchez Ramres, Santiago, Hermanos Mirabal, La Vega, Montecristi, Elias Pina, San Juan and the National District.

The minister noted that next Tuesday at Sanchez Ramares economic compensation will be paid to producers who have slaughtered pigs in line with current market prices so they will not be economically harmed.

It is spreading across the country, But at the same pace, the commission we have organized is moving to those points and is pursuing international and national norms to eradicate swine flu where it has been detected, ”the minister said.

Officers stopped work divisions for lifting, control and disposal, as well as heavy machinery, motor pumps, life-saving equipment and disinfectants for vehicles and the area to intervene.

“We will move to one province every day to include everything we need based on the economic loss of this difficult situation in the pork industry in the Dominican Republic,” the minister said.

There is no cure for ASF, there is no vaccine to prevent it, and it is highly contagiousTherefore, slaughter of animals has been established in the sources of infection found to prevent its spread.

Accidental work and vehicle disinfection are routinely carried out in a preventive manner throughout the state and in nearby cities, and are carried out in conjunction with the Emergency Response Center (COE), the Fire Department, the National Police, the Armed Forces and other organizations. Reference details.

The Dominican government uses the rules of international organizations to control the progress of the ASF by enforcing regulations that send us the current state of health.

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