Is criticism of Starfield’s lack of innovation justified?

Is criticism of Starfield's lack of innovation justified?

You shouldn’t miss it. Although many people have a lot of fun with Starfield, and some even call Bethesda’s game the best game of the year, there are criticisms as well. If you can sum up this criticism succinctly, it comes down to the fact that the title shows very little innovation. Let’s put it bluntly: Bethesda made a game they also made ten years ago. While a lot can be done. The question now is, in these times polarized by the console wars, whether this criticism is justified. Daan, Jelle, and JJ participate in the discussion in this video.

Does Starfield suffer from a lack of innovation?

Dan, Gilly, and JJ have now put in dozens of hours Starfield To sit. Daan has already reached level 32. The main story and numerous side quests have been verified and the game has been played on both PC and Xbox Series

Has Bethesda made it clear in advance that innovation is their goal?

The lack of innovation can be explained in several ways. For example, it would be a very different story if a developer created a retro game with visuals and gameplay in an era where so much was possible and these options were within everyone’s reach. You can also ask the question whether innovation is a duty? If something is good, why make changes? Does this bring more pleasure? Has the developer in question clearly stated in advance that he or she is seeking innovation? They want to create something that has never been done before? The three ask themselves all these questions. With the conclusion at the end: Is Starfield rightly being judged for its lack of innovation or is it a smear campaign?

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