Windows 11 Pro installation requires a Microsoft account – Computer – News

The question is how long it will still be possible to create local accounts, if only one master MS account is used.

An acquaintance also came up with this solution, I said “and soon you’ll have to use an MS account for each one”.

He said “they wouldn’t be that stupid” I started with about what they want to do with the 11 Pro now.

Then there was silence…

Hassle free local accounts were the reason I bought 11 Pro keys for our laptops, also 1 key for my mum who never wanted the way to sign into a Microsoft account (and I can’t get there with Linux either, Mac OS loved it but then the ‘no’ story It should cost more than 400 euros”)

Anyway, on the one hand, I’m hoping for a big backlash, but on the other hand, I know Microsoft is a stubborn, backward company, that will try to push this one day later.

I’d like to switch, but I don’t want to boot two systems later just because I have a program that thinks it needs Windows.

…who knows what he will end up with at some point.

Well I’m enjoying my PC gaming at least until October 2025, due to issues with AMD CPUs on the W11 (which I keep getting, recently tested again) I’m still running the W10 on it.

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