Iolanthe: Los Angeles Fake – Kekmama

Iolanthe: Los Angeles Fake - Kekmama
Photography: Mark Groenefeld

Yolanthe Kabao lives with her son, Zess (7 years old), in Los Angeles. In this column, she shares her experiences as a single mother and working woman.

Sometimes you have those days when not everything is going well. This was such a day. The morning already started chaotically with so many work emails, a long traffic jam that meant Zess and I got to school almost too late, and on top of that I dropped my breakfast shake in the car, so that the whole interior smelled hazelnut. Great morning!

“I love your outfit”

You understand: sometimes I went to the supermarket happier. As I put my fresh purchase on the belt, I hear the cashier say, “Oh my God, I love your clothes. You’re so beautiful!” I immediately forgot all the hectic stress and pressure this morning. This comment makes my day.

A small gesture, a loving comment, a single word. It can do a lot for you. The way you look at life affects not only yourself, but also those around you. You surrender to energies.

Good day

I still remember when I lived in the Netherlands and sometimes the cashier didn’t even look at me or say “hi”. At that moment you don’t know what’s going on in someone’s head; Maybe you’re having a day off, going through a breakup, or getting annoyed with a co-worker. you do not know. So I do not judge. But you are affected by it: then you walk out of the supermarket with negative energy. Other people take on the energy and may make a negative comment.

“A small gesture, loving comment, or just one word can do so much for you.”


Whether you find American phrases from strangers like “I love your makeup” “Your son is so cute” or “You look great” exaggerated, you’ve noticed that they give you positive energy. Whether you mean it or not, you’d rather hear even positive words than not say “good morning,” right?

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