Ten days of non-stop hard mode: 200 DJs attempt to break the world record

Ten days of non-stop hard mode: 200 DJs attempt to break the world record

The first time the choice fell on Techno and House, this year only Hardcore Style and related subgenres were played. To Raghosing, that seemed like a logical choice: “Hardcore is a Dutch product, it’s a piece of cultural heritage after all.”

“Do something to put Dutch DJs on the map”

After closing last year, Raghosing was hoping to run to the public again this summer. But with yet another closure of nightlife, that wasn’t an option. “Last year we thought everything would be open this year, but we’re actually back to square one,” says Rajosingh. “All the clubs had to shut down again and I wanted to do something to put Dutch DJs on the map.”

Raghosing invited colleagues to sign up via social media. Quinn Gill replied: He played last Monday from 13.00 to 14.00. good time; Since the recording attempt takes place day and night, some DJs have to stand behind the turntable in the middle of the night.

Jill first played solid and hardcore style, but he’s also focused on home and techno during the pandemic. “It’s a good idea to broaden your horizon during this time, so you can turn to more places later.” He appreciates loyal fans of the hardcore and hardcore: “It’s one big family.”

Jill lives in the Netherlands, DJs from Belgium, Germany and France also participate in it. Rajosingh says there are big names among them, but there are also junior artists. “For example, a boy with Down syndrome, who had only played in the attic before and had never played, is also involved. The theater stood up.”

After midnight, the plug will be disconnected from the live broadcast after more than two hundred hours of operation. But the new record is not a reality yet. Guinness World Records watchers must verify all materials first. “Because of the pandemic, no observer was able to come, so we set up ten cameras to film everything non-stop.”

Raghosing recalls a successful campaign: “We’ve had viewers from Australia and the US. It really evokes a sense of community, which is special.”

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