Ineos director confirms Sir Jim Ratcliffe’s offer to Chelsea was ‘out of control rejected’

Sir Jim Ratcliffe’s £4.25 billion bid Chelsea He was turned down by the US bank overseeing the sale but hasn’t given up hope of buying the club, a spokesperson for his company, Ineos, said.

Ratcliffe made a late bid last Friday, two weeks after the deadline, but an alliance led by Todd Buehle was Grant Preferred Bidder status They are on an exclusive five-day period, trying to agree a deal with the club’s current owner, Roman Abramovich.

“We have been rejected by Ren but we will continue to remind people that we are still here,” said Tom Crotty, director at British petrochemical company Ineos. tell Bloomberg.

Ratcliffe signaled his seriousness by meeting Chelsea supporters’ confidence last weekend and a source close to Abramovich warned against writing off Ratcliffe.

“We will continue to engage with the fan base,” Crotty said. “We see ourselves as a fan-based bidder.”

On Tuesday it was on sale I fell into great doubt Because of his fears, Abramovich tries to disguise him Promise to write off His £1.6 billion loan to the club.

Ratcliffe, who has offered to pay Chelsea £2.5 billion and pledged to invest £1.75 billion over the next 10 years, is ready if talks with Buhle fall apart. The alliances led by Sir Martin Broughton and Steve Pagliuca are also watching closely after the Boyle group was chosen over their own.

Crotty said Ineos had been considering a move to Chelsea in the past but had been put off by the potential price tag. “The numbers now seem more reasonable,” he said.

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