G.Skill releases first DDR5 kits with under 30 latency – Computer – News

G.Skill releases DDR5 memory cards with a latency of 28. This is a relatively low CL timing for DDR5 memory and ensures that the memory is relatively low real latency she has. Most DDR5 tapes have a latency of 30 or higher.

G.Skill explains with DDR5 Memory Cards with CL28 and speeds up to 5600MT/s emphasizing low latency. For both 16GB and 32GB tapes, the timings are 28-34-34-89 for the DDR5-5600 versions and 28-34-34-83 for the DDR5-5200 variants.

The 28 state latency means that slightly lower latency is achieved with the new shafts than with existing DDR5 tapes, although this is not a huge difference in practice. Assuming DDR-5600, CL28 means a real latency of 10 ns. DDR5-5600 bars with CL32 and CL36 have real latency of 11.4 ns and 12.9 ns respectively.

The kits will be available in 64GB (twice as 32GB) and 32GB (twice as 16GB) capacities and come in the manufacturer’s three brand series: Trident Z5 RGB, Trident Z5 and Ripjaws S5. It is designed for the 12th generation Intel Core desktop processors and Intel Z690 motherboards and will be available worldwide by the end of this month. The manufacturer did not mention prices.

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