in the picture. Timmermans’ Shock “Sour Peacock”

It had no effect. Not real

Europeans. Remember that fan documentary from 2016 about Frans Timmermans, which was incredibly influenced by Frans Timmermann? We’ve never seen it ourselves, but yeah, given recent developments, we had to. Not disappointing, because (see above) it turns out to have a full three minutes of memorable rage about Jeroen Pauw’s The Notorious Media Performance, where Frenske slipped a lot about his concoction about that oxygen mask. Yes, he regretted it. Not towards relatives. But because he himself came out very bad.

“After praise always comes criticism. From professional critics, not from ordinary people! Then I see Bao’s sour head again, who then provokes me to a stupid remark…”

Jeroen Pau, who opened up this scratching post on France’s soul this week. That will be something, in one of the upcoming list leader discussions led by Jeroen Pao. Exorbitant!

Source: “Surviving in Times of Crisis” – Charles Huijskens

Looks like he’s not talking to Het Parool either?

source: Google Books

Peacock on Frenske, Thursday

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