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And if only because a few paranoid men, under the guise of the Internet for Everyone, want to line their pockets.

And we found the person who had never lived outside of a big city. Yes, I think people are also exaggerating 40001200040000 satellites but the truth is if you live in +- 80% of the areas of the world that are not average or better, then either you don’t have internet, or it’s ridiculously bad.

I’m speaking as someone who’s used 1Mbit for years because that was the maximum we could get there. The idea of ​​Netflix or streaming anything was a joke. Hell, downloading some episodes of “isos” ~~TV~~ was letting your computer run all night slowly downloading stuff.

Then I’m not talking about the load that was so low that sending a large email broke the rest of the internet and you had to wait a long time.

The truth is, StarLink is a huge improvement over what you’re used to finding on the commercial market. Yes, it causes problems for radio astronomy and other forms of astronomy. But if we’re going to use that logic, I also think we should expand all the highways because people from the countryside should come to “my town”. I have a good road here, tsk, this is way busier for me. Ikke ikke ikke… bad luck for those who live outside the cities. From now on, the problem of roads and the Internet is solved for everyone in big cities. No, it’s not that simple. Yes, I’m stepping on your toes because I think the argument is bullshit.

In fact, if you want better pictures of space, you do it with satellites that are not attached to our planet. Kepler is an example of how far away from our planet we’d find using radio astronomy (and it was just in time with fewer sit-ups! and “pollution”).

The space is open to all, no boundaries or form of ownership. If China sends 100,000 seaters into space starting tomorrow, you can complain but that’s it. And the problem isn’t the number of seats, you can park a million of them in low space and not suffer with future launches. The problem is simply that the higher the chance that something will go wrong and you have a bunch of junk at 100,000 km / h flying like a cluster bomb. Which is why managing to sit better and asking to be taken out of the shelter is a better solution. I have less problems with 40K Starlink sats where there are a lot more controls and demands than 1K Chinese sats where the wild west is unable to get out of orbit and other problems.

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