IKEA comes with a wireless charger that can be “invisible” under the table

IKEA comes with a wireless charger that can be "invisible" under the table

IKEA has been selling Qi wireless chargers for some time, both separately and as part of, for example, a desk lamp or a bedside table. Added to this is the SJÖMÄRKE charger, which is a wireless charger that must be installed on the underside of the table top. The smartphone or other wireless charging device can then be placed on the table and the device is charged.

The wireless charger works with a table top of at least 8mm and a maximum thickness of 22mm. The charger comes with adhesive strips and also has screw holes. The charger works with any tabletop material except metal. IKEA also includes a transparent label that allows users to locate the charging point on the table. Qi wireless chargers have a somewhat limited point where the device must be placed. The wire is 1.5 m long and ends with an adapter.

for sale from october

SJÖMÄRKE charger according to the Dutch IKEA website from october Available in the Netherlands. Price not yet mentioned, but On the French site The price of IKEA is €29.99 – Dutch and French IKEA prices often coincide. in a Guide From the charger it falls under the standard Qi 1.2.4 profile, which in practice means charging with 5W.

Different brands can now charge faster wirelessly, but often with their own non-universal charger. Other brands have been selling similar chargers for some time that can be installed either under or under the table top. The IKEA variant will soon be one of the cheaper options.

smarter home

The Swedish retail chain has been venturing into all kinds of gadgets for some time now, with chargers, smart lighting, and… Speakers in collaboration with Sonos.

recently leaked new copy From IKEA Symfonisk lamp.

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