49ers-Eagles snap counts: Arik Armstead is second in the NFL in pressing average at 28.2%

49ers-Eagles snap counts: Arik Armstead is second in the NFL in pressing average at 28.2%

The 49ers I found a way to win a tough road match after a slow start. This is what good teams do. Now, 2-0, the fun begins. First, let’s break down the number of San Francisco snapshots from their Week Two victory over the Eagles.

Offense – 70 possible hits

  • For the second week in a row, the offensive starting line played every moment
  • Mike McGlinchy allowed two taps in two games
  • There is no Trey Lance this week, but there is no better Lance than the Lance gimmick
  • Brandon Ayuk played and played well. At times, it felt like it was a snare. I focused on Aiyuk during the match, and his effort was phenomenal. Expect him to be a focal point moving forward
  • Speaking of receivers, I like to use among the “other guys”. Sherfield, Sanu, and even Jennings all have their roles. Throwing a Jennings swipe is a great way to change your inclinations. You can’t call play plays every time he’s in the game.
  • So much for convenience Kettle. Then again, taking one of your best players off the field doesn’t sound like a sound strategy.
  • Running backwards should be fun to move forward. We’ll find out more when Kyle Shanahan speaks today at 1 PM PT. However, I feel that Mitchell leaves some meat on the bone on some of his campaigns.
  • I want to see more cues. Yes, I know he messed up. It was an impressive load until he was hit in the helmet.
  • San Francisco will need more non-Deebo receivers going forward. Sherfield had two goals without a catch, while Ayok and Sanu had one without a catch (I know that’s not all on them).
  • Garoppolo’s three loads for 13 yards doesn’t seem like much, but every time he puts the ball in the pocket, Garoppolo avoids the sack. This was the strongest point in his game in two weeks

Defense – 58 potential matches

  • Anytime your defense plays less than 65 times in an NFL game, it goes well
  • I can’t say enough about the secondary. an effort. physical. Good eyes. Plays finished. It was a pleasant surprise
  • Thanks to the depth on the outside, the Niners can afford to play Ford 28% of the time — most of which come from obvious dips.
  • Bosa who plays 76% of the shots tells you that there are no restrictions and that his body is responding well. Also, being dominant doesn’t hurt.
  • You can say the same about Kinlaw who plays 72% of the shots. Going forward, that’s what the 49ers out of the previous 15 top picks need. Kinlaw’s goal blocked on the field is one we’ll remember, but he blocked the running lanes and did well throughout the match
  • Through two games, I know he doesn’t have the same total Bossa sack, but Armstead was the best defender of the 49ers. He is second in the NFL for pressure ratio at 28.8%. Armstead was great. Watch Bossa’s first bag and see what Armstead did with the center. It’s a monster.
  • Kevin Givens played little to no as he suffered a sprained ankle.
  • Poet allowed 1.3 yards per target, a 56.2 pass rating, and he never missed a tackle on 130 shots. It’s the real deal, and it’ll be fun to see him grow as the poet plays alongside Fred Warner.

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